Hard Water Can Damage Your Pipes Significantly

Reduce the effects with a whole-house water conditioner in Bedford, NS and St.John's, NL

As minerals build up inside your water supply, they can wreak havoc on your home and your health. Get softer water with a water conditioner from Aerus. Our team in Bedford, NS, and St. John's, NL recommends water conditioning to soften your water for safer usage.

A whole-house water conditioner can help you improve water quality from every faucet. Set up service today.

3 ways hard water affects your home and business

3 ways hard water affects your home and business

While hard water may not seem like a big deal, it can create long-term damage. Since hard water has a high concentration of minerals, it can leave those minerals behind on your plates, sinks and even your body.

Without a whole-house water conditioner, hard water could...

  1. Create mineral buildup inside your pipes
  2. Dry out your skin, hair and nails
  3. Leave stains and residue on surfaces

Luckily, a water conditioner can reduce or eliminate these problems. Call our Bedford location at 902-455-8200 or our St. Jonh's location at 709 726-0101 today to speak with a team member about our system options.