Pure & Clean Benefits

ActivePure® is the most powerful air and surface purification technology ever invented
The Pure & Clean uses the same ActivePure® Technology found in the Aerus Hydroxyl Blaster, the product that was proven to eliminate 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces within 72 hours.

  • New and improved ActivePure® Cell works faster to purify the air and surfaces in indoor spaces
  • Compliments ActivePure® Technology with an exclusive combination of purification and filtration technologies; Positive and Negative Multipoint and RF Ion Generation, HEPA screen, and an activated Carbon Filter
  • Reduces airborne contaminants and allergens that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms
  • Removes VOCs, smoke, and odors
  • No ozone byproducts are created
  • Portable


Recent lab tests revealed ActivePure's patented technology can kill airborne virus particles in 3 minutes.

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Enhance Your Air and Water Quality in Bedford, NS and St. John's, NL


Our purification systems go above and beyond typical products. They are university and laboratory tested to kill mold, mildew, and viruses. These systems are proven to reduce contaminants from influences like pet hair or in-home moisture build up. Filtration systems and purifiers eliminate future damage to your water and air quality. Other common contaminants, such as pollen, pet dander and dust, can make their way into our homes and businesses. With an air purifier from Aerus, you can get rid of those contaminants quickly to help you breathe easier. Turning on the tap is an easy way to access water in our homes and businesses, but is it the safest? Make sure your water is clean and ready to drink with a water purification system from Aerus. Our company in Bedford, NS offers a wide selection of air and water purification systems, including reverse osmosis systems.

Our air and water purification company is dedicated to helping people create healthy homes and businesses. Schedule your installation today by calling our Bedford location at 902-455-8200 or our St. John's location at (709) 726-0101.

Take a look at our air quality services

Looking for indoor air quality services? Rely on our team for your needs. You can hire us for:

Air quality testing services to see what's polluting your indoor air
Odor removal services to get rid of foul smells in your home
Mold prevention services to protect your home and health

You can also look to us for water filtration systems to improve your drinking water.

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